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ELEM: Don’t Blink (You Might Be Missed)

Fandom: Elementary
Title: Don’t Blink (You Might Be Missed)
Author: anamatics
Pairing: Joan & Sherlock & Moriarty
Rating: PG-13
Length: 30.914 words.
Spoilers: general ones for the first season (and a small detail from the beginning of season 2)
Summary: In mid-December Jessica Delhaney, teacher, 27, wife of an NYPD beat cop, goes missing. A massive manhunt follows, Sherlock and Joan are called in to consult and soon it becomes obvious that nothing about this case is as it seems. A cryptic warning comes from Newgate telling them to be careful, and that the killer has a type. What they don't know is just how accurate that assessment truly was.

Comments: very compelling and with fantastic characterizations, specially Moriarty’s.

Link: at AO3.
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MCU: Fundamental Forces

Fandom: Thor (and The Avengers)
Title: Fundamental Forces
Author: nayanroo
Pairing: Loki/Sif, Jane/Thor
Rating: PG-13
Length:181.478 words.
Spoilers: general ones for the first Thor movie and for Avengers
Summary: In an attempt to rein in the son that remains to her after Thor's banishment, Frigga arranges a marriage between two old friends in the hopes that they can work together to heal an eroded realm. On Earth, a prince searches for identity after his world is turned upside-down. And in the darkness, something stirs.

Comments: epic AU that covers the events of both Thor and The Avengers. Super long and well written.

Link: at AO3.
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LotS: The Abiogenesis Spell

Fandom: Legend of the Seeker
Title: The Abiogenesis Spell
Author: MA477LL
Pairing: Cara/Kahlan
Rating: R
Length:20.259 words.
Spoilers: general ones for the whole show
Summary: It has been a few years since they saved the world and it is time to move on. Powerful magic gone wrong helps. This is mostly fluff.

Comments: well-written, hot and slightly fluffy.

Link: at AO3.
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MCU: Counterfeit and Counterpart

Fandom: The Avengers (/Captain America/Iron Man)
Title: Counterfeit and Counterpart
Author: Frea_O & tielan
Pairing: Natasha & Maria Hill
Rating: PG-13
Length: 28.013 words.
Spoilers: general ones for Avengers, Captain America and Iron Man 2
Summary: Five times Maria Hill doesn’t understand Natasha Romanoff, and why she might be better off that way.

Comments: the relationship between Maria & Natasha through the years is just fantastically done and everything I didn’t know I wanted for the characters.

Link: at AO3.
farscape - human reaction
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FS: sometimes in the city

Fandom: Farscape
Title: sometimes in the city
Author: recycledstars
Pairing: John/Aeryn
Rating: NC-17
Length: 6.097 words.
Spoilers: Set some time in Season 2, between Remember The Princess and when shit gets real plot-wise.
Summary: Magic alien alcohol + sexual frustration + suppressed romantic feelings = obvious results.

Comments: very nice take on Aeryn’s POV after the princess trilogy and the season finale. You know, through sex.

Link: at AO3 or at LJ.
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ELEM/BtVS/Angel: i think you need a shotgun blast

Fandom: Elementary (/Buffy/Angel)
Title: i think you need a shotgun blast
Author: postcardmystery
Pairing: none
Rating: R
Length: 2.969 words.
Spoilers: general ones for Elementary & Buffy, and some details from the end of Angel.
Summary: “She is not the Slayer and he is not the Slayer’s Watcher, but their roles are almost as old as human civilisation and they fall into them without even truly having to try. She kills twenty or thirty vamps a night, and he stands at her shoulder, twisting cheesewire between his fingers that he’s cursed with a spell five centuries old, a stake in his belt and blood between his teeth.

Joan Watson is a Slayer, and Sherlock Holmes is her Watcher.”

Comments: dark, original and very well done.

Link: at AO3.
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LBD: get loved, make more

Fandom: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
Title: get loved, make more
Author: allthingsholy
Pairing: Gigi/Lydia (implied Jane/Bing, Lizzie/Darcy)
Rating: PG-13
Length: 9.749 words.
Spoilers: general ones for the whole show (at least up to ep.90)
Summary: Lydia’s tried to get better at putting words to the things she’s feeling, at dropping all the adorbs and actually saying stuff sometimes, but it’s so big, what Gigi’s telling her, and Lydia doesn’t want to screw it up with, “Sorry that your mom’s dead.” It would be different, maybe, if Gigi was just Darcy’s sister or just a friend of Lizzie’s, but she’s not, not exactly. She’s Lydia’s friend too now, like really, and so Lydia rearranges the carrots into nothing and tries to think of something to say.

Comments: This is so incredibly well done. It’s about Lydia getting better and Gigi as a someone that has gone through the same. It’s the kind of fic that makes you ship a pairing.

Link: at AO3.
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ELEM: Solve for X

Fandom: Elementary
Title: Solve for X
Author: Yahtzee
Pairing: Joan&Sherlock (and a tiny bit of UST)
Rating: PG-13
Length: 5.788 words.
Spoilers: very generic ones, before 1x16.
Summary: Their relationship as it stands has one mathematical certainty: It will end in twenty-five days. At that time, her sojourn as his sober companion will end. Either Watson will pass out of his life forever, or Holmes will have to devise another option.

Comments: brilliant Sherlock voice, and it captures perfectly their dynamic.

Link: at AO3.