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Filtering bad fic one fandom at a time

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We read fanfic.

A lot.

Probably way more than we should, which is basically why we think we know when, at the very least, a fic is not a waste of time.

When you arrive to a new fandom, there's probably nothing better than finding a decent recs page that sends you to all the "must-read". It's extra cool if it's well classified and easy to search (which surprisingly enough, is not that usual).

So this is our attempt at an archive of fanfic recommendations. Updates will be tagged so any rec can be found by fandom, pairing or rating.

There will not be a classification based on characters basically because: Different characters + all the different fandoms = unmanageable tag list => Not useful.

Affiliates: alphas_syfy
Fandom, Title, Author: Pretty self-explanatory.
Pairing: it will not depend on the RST but on the feeling of the fic. It doesn't have to be necessarily the same as the pairing tag, as the tag is used to search fics while the info in the post gives an idea of what the fic is about. The info in the post will be more detailed than the tags. The tag will basically answer to "Would this fic satisfy me if I were looking for fics of this pairing?".
Length: number of words
Rating: if the fic has different ratings for each chapter, it will always be the higher one. There may be several ratings if the chapters can be read separately and still make sense. We will use the MPAA ratings (the classic one) instead of the newer fiction ratings.
Spoilers: usually what's given by the author unless we notice something different.
Summary: the one given by the author (or not given as it may be the case).
Comments: Things we may have to say about the fic, although we'd mostly ignore this and just get on with the reading as any eloquence may not be assured ;). In fact, it has been scientifically proved that they are getting lamer and lamer.
Links: where you can find it.
Updates frequency will probably depend on how much of a bitch real life is being at the time and fandoms will vary as new obsessions or nostalgic bouts come up.

We will try not to repeat authors in a fandom although we won't have any problems reccing the same author in different fandoms. We will also try not to spam too much.

Any fandom for which we have less than 3 recs will be considered a "minor fandom" and will be tagged only with that.

Current minor fandoms are: 30 Rock, Calvin & Hobbes, Community, Constantine, Dead Like Me, Friends, Fringe, Haven, House, Kings, Legend of Korra, Luther, Pitch Perfect, Queer As Folk, Rizzoli & Isles, Sherlock, Smallville, Suits, The Amazing Spiderman, The Dark Knight Rises, The Guild, Ugly Betty and Warehouse 13.

Any questions, suggestions or heads up for broken links or mistakes in any of the recs are very welcome either in a comment or in a mail.

Fics Recced: 385
Fandoms: 31
(plus 23 minor fandoms)
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